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Tony's History and Pictures

JAR144Y is a 1983 registered Cardinal Red GLS model with optional fishnet
Recaro seats. The car has been featured in Fast Ford and Classic Ford
magazines and is in original condition. The car has never been subjected to a
respray. I have owned the car since March 1996 and carried out a few
modifications to it. The previous owner bored the engine out to 2.1 litres
and fitted a new 5 speed gearbox. I lowered the car and fitted the Motorsport
exhaust system as well as a quickshift. I have also fitted deep dished RS
steel wheels (5.5J as opposed to 5J) and have generally enjoyed the car in my
four years of ownership. The car has a lot of known history. The second owner
(a very good friend of mine) purchased it in 1991. He sold it in 1993 to his
next door but one neighbour, who carried out the engine mods. He sold it back
to the second owner in 1995 and I purchased it in March 1996. I do not
envisage ever selling this car as it means so much to me.











FKL366Y is also a 1983 registered GLS but finished in Crystal Green. This car
had just 65000 miles on it when I purchased the car in October 1999. A Full
Service Record backed this up as did the condition of the car and Recaro
seats which can only be described as outstanding. The car drives faultlessly
and is a real pleasure to use especially as it has the option of Power
Assisted Steering. It is a real contrast to my red car.












And there's more


 A17ONO is a Scorpio 2.0Efi DOHC Saloon finished in Mercury Grey with Cloth
 upholstery. The car was originally a directors car for Lloyds Finance and was
 supplied new by Currie Motors of Twickenham. The original driver/owner of the
 car at Lloyds lived in Horsham, West Sussex and purchased the car from his
 employers in February 1995. Until this time, all servicing over the 87000
 miles that the car had done had been carried out at the local Ford dealers
 (Dinnages of Horsham). In May 1995, the car was sold to a chap in Chatham,
 Kent with 88343 Miles clocked up. He kept it for 3 years until July 1998 when
 it was sold to a man in Gravesend, Kent with 112000 miles. Redundancy forced
 him to sell the car in January 1999 when I bought it with 115441 miles (and
 still with service history) for a very attractive sum of money. In fact the
 car is still worth today (May 2000) what I paid for it back then!
 I have added clear front and side indicators and tinted the rear lights. The
 front indicators have additional sidelights fitted and look really good at
 night. I considered fitting the later 1993 spec rear lights but didnt want to
 start chopping up my wiring loom as the lamps are laid out slightly
 differently with the brake lights being in a different place to the earlier
 lights. I have put the earlier chrome Scorpio boot and door badges on the car
 along with a chrome numberplate surround on the rear and chrome numberplate
 lights from an early Mk2 Granada Ghia. I added the personal numberplate from
 DVLA select Registrations in March 2000 which reads A1 TONO. Tono being a
 nickname I earned a few years ago.
 I have upgraded the stereo system and have enjoyed the car immensly over the
 period of time that I have owned it. The car has now got 136000 miles on it
 and everything still works as it did when it was new, even the electric rear
 seat motors. This car is a real pleasure to drive and a real contrast to
 driving my red Cortina.
  I have also included a photo on the attachment for you Clive.
  Thank you,










BWC685X was originally a 1.6 2dr Automatic especially for a disabled user.
The car was finished in Dove Grey and was as boring as it could be. A scrap
GLS Cortina donated its Recaro trim in the rare colour of 'Peat' and sports
wheels. New bumpers fitted as well as the transmission converted from
Automatic to 5 Speed manual. The car was then fitted with genuine Ford series
X front and rear rubber spoilers and really did look the part. I purchased
the car in summer 1997 and sold it in 1998 when I purchased a Sierra Sapphire
Ghia. Sometimes I wish that I had been able to keep the 2dr as well.